Business & Information
Technology Courses

At The Australian College we recognise the ongoing pressures facing Australian businesses.  

We excel at supporting businesses to build their potential by developing staff. This is achieved in a cost effective way through "tafe" level vocational education courses delivered in an employer friendly, flexible style.

Finance, Accounting
and Credit Courses

The Australian College is an industry recognised specialist in financial services, with staff coming from high level industry roles.

The "tafe" level vocational education courses offered by The Australian College will address licensing and registration requirements as well as assist clients to maximise staff potential.

Fully Supported
Flexible Delivery

Courses at The Australian College receive outstanding results in the Australian Government National Quality Indicators. The areas of trainer quality, resources and effective support have remained at outstanding 80%+ levels since the Quality Indicators started.

See the video below about how we make training easy for employers.

Funded Course

The Australian College is a well respected RTO and has contracts to deliver government subsidised or funded training across the country.  A simple phone call will mean you can get full details of the opportunities to fund your training needs and to access significant financial benefits like payroll tax deductions.