Smart and Skilled is launching in 2015 in NSW. The College is an approved provider so contact us to discuss your training and traineeship needs and to help you understand the new program. AACs can access our special page to help guide you through the options.

VET FEE-HELP is available to Australian Citizens enrolling in a Diploma or Advanced Diploma.

The "tafe" level vocational education courses offered by The Australian College will address licensing and registration requirements of many careers. If you need Tier 2, AFSL, RG106 CPD, CAPI, Australian Tax Practitioners Board Bookkeeping requirements, Responsible Lending, Mortgage Broking qualifications or any other licencing needs – contact us.

Government subsidised or funded training is available in most states and territories. Programs include QLD VET Investment and Certificate 3 Guarantee, WA Future Skills, NSW Smart and Skilled, SA Skills for All, Tasmania Skills Fund and User Choice, Victoria Training Guarantee and ACT User Choice and Capital Skills.

A simple phone call will mean you can get full details of the opportunities to fund your training needs, or those of your employees, and to access significant financial benefits like payroll tax deductions.

Australian Citizens have an opportunity under VET FEE-HELP to enrol in a Diploma or Advanced Diploma qualification and defer payment of the course fees until they can afford it. VET FEE-HELP is a government loan scheme that allows you to study now and pay later.

Enrol in any of the following Diplomas: Management, Finance, Mortgage Broking; Human Resources. Banking, Business, Administration, Events, Project Management, Credit Management, Accounting and General Insurance.

Enrol in 4 minutes. Quality course materials provided. Access materials online 24/7. Industry expert Student Advisers to call for assistance.

Courses at The Australian College receive outstanding results in the Australian Government National Quality Indicators. The areas of trainer quality, resources and effective support have remained at outstanding 80%+ levels since the Quality Indicators started.

Also see these testimonial videos about how we make training easy for employers.

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